May 28th, 2013 .

Go further with Ford

Max Morden

You may have seen the new Ford ads that end with the tag line: “Go further.”

I’d love to know what was said when the marketing team presented the concept to Ford executives. I imagine the conversation might have gone something like this.

The lead marketing rep makes her pitch, and everyone then waits to hear from the CEO. “Go further with Ford,” he says thoughtfully, stroking his chin. “I like it, but can we really make that claim? I know our cars get great mileage, but do they really get more distance than our competitors?”

“We’re not claiming Ford goes farther,” says the marketing rep. “We’re saying Ford goes further.”

“Is there a difference?” asks the CEO.

“Oh, yes,” says the marketing rep. “Farther refers to literal distance. For example, we could say “Ford Fiesta goes five kilometres farther on one litre of gas than the Chevy Sonic. But we’re not suggesting that.”

“But doesn’t further mean the same thing?”

“Not at all,” says the rep. “Further is used in a figurative, not a literal, sense. We’re saying that Ford goes further – to build great products and give great service. And we’re suggesting that Ford clients go further in life. They’re happier, healthier, and more successful.”

“But some people might get it wrong, and think we mean that Ford vehicles actually go farther,” says the CEO.

“But that would be their mistake, not ours,” says the marketing rep.

“Yes, of course,” says the CEO. And then after a pause, “I like it.”


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